Brooke Law Group offers full service legal advice, support, and advocacy to the commercial cannabis industry.

Areas of Practice

Business Law

Brooke Law Group provides service in the areas of; Business Litigation, Litigation Prevention, Drafting Services, Business Mediation, Employer Services, Employment Agreements, and Employer Litigation. Read More

Marijuana Law

We service the needs of Cannabis Professionals large and small, providing services such as; Incorporation and Business Service, Prop D Defense for both dispensaries and Landlords, City License Application Preparation, Cannabis Business Development for Collectives, Cannabis Food Products and other Ancillary Business, Investment Contract Agreements, Cannabis Collective & Cooperation Compliance.  Read More

Hemp Law

Industrial hemp is an agricultural crop produced in at least 30 nations, including Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Romania, Australia, and China, and is used by industry to produce thousands of products, including paper, textiles, food, oils, automotive parts, and personal care products. Read More

Civil Litigation

We provide service for non-criminal matters for our clients, including but not limited too; Business Dispute Litigation, Product Liability, Property Damage, Cannabis Related Disputes, Defense or Injury.  Read More

Criminal Law

We can assist with most criminal cases, contact us to work with you on: DUI / DMV Hearings, Criminal Defense, Misdemeanor or Felony, Post Conviction Relief. Read More

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Our Process


Evaluate Your Situation

The first step is to meet to determine and understand legal concerns and / or client objectives. Next, is mapping out a potential course of action. In our first meetings, these are the goals.


After understanding your goals, we next create and implement a feasible strategy, taking deliberate steps to accomplish the objectives in a timely manner.

Follow Through

Experienced business people know that flexibility is vital for the implementation of any business strategy; the rule crosses over into any litigation situation. We keep an eye on the objective, adapting the strategy as necessary, for the best possible outcome.

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