Business Law

Brooke Law Group provides Cannabis Business assistance through its, corporate counsel, transactional and business litigation.

Business Litigation

Unfortunately, many business owners find that occasional business litigation is part of doing business. Typical lawsuits include those involving a breach of contract, product liability, trade libel disputes, business fraud or unfair business practices. Whether you have found a need to initiate a lawsuit or are defending a business lawsuit, our office is prepared to assist you.

Business Contracts

Business contracts assist business owners in being in control of their business. They often act as “an ounce of prevention” to avoid formal lawsuits by setting out the “ground rules” for day-to-day business transactions. In addition to by-laws, shareholder agreements and partnership agreements, a typical business may benefit from having set contractual protocols related to a variety of other needs, such as: sales transactions, purchase orders, non-disclosure agreements to protect proprietary information, copyright, trademark or web site agreements, loan agreements, agency agreements, warranties, or contracts related to the work of independent contractors.

Business Policies and Procedures

Policy handbooks and Standard Operating Procedures are vital to a smoothly running company.

In the commercial cannabis industry, businesses that wish to apply for a California commercial cannabis license will be required to demonstrate they have written standard operating procedures.  Brooke Law Group has customized guidelines for the creation of standard operating procedures for cultivation, manufacturing of infused products and for distribution licenses.  It is a good idea to have these in place before the State licensing process begins, so that you can establish a history of using these procedures.  One less thing to worry about!

Business Mediation

Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and is an excellent alternative to litigation. In fact, many courts request or require parties to participate in mediation even when a lawsuit has been filed. When disputing parties decide to mediate they elect to enjoin the services of a neutral third party to hear both sides of the dispute and attempt to assist the parties to resolve their differences. At the conclusion of a successful mediation, a mediation settlement agreement is entered into by the parties. Typically, each party to the mediation contributes half or a percentage of the mediation fees and costs. If the parties are unable to settle their dispute they may seek any other legal remedies still available to them through traditional methods. To schedule a mediation with our office, the parties should first agree to mediate and thereafter call our office to arrange for a joint consultation.

For those in the commercial cannabis industry, mediation can be an especially good alternative to resolving business disputes in a confidential and discreet manner.

Corporate Counsel

Many businesses just like to know they have a business lawyer on retainer to answer questions as they come up.  This is especially useful in the cannabis industry. Lawyers who are unfamiliar with the cannabis industry may overlook important legal issues that are industry specific.  Corporate counsel services we offer include assisting business owners doing due diligence on a business deal, reviewing contracts, developing strategy, advising the board of directors, or assisting in negotiations.

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