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Marijuana Law

Brooke Law Group provides legal services to meet the needs of Cannabis businesses large and small, by providing services such as; Advising on the ever-changing commercial cannabis laws; including the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act, The Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act / Proposition 64 and various other laws being proposed in the industry.  Additional services include, Review and Drafting of industry specific contracts; Preparation for California State Licensing; Incorporation and Business Service, City License Application Consultation, Cannabis Business Development and Litigation.

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Hemp Law

Industrial hemp is an agricultural crop produced in at least 30 nations, including Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Romania, Australia, and China, and is used by industry to produce thousands of products, including paper, textiles, food, oils, automotive parts, and personal care products.

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Business Law

If anyone had told you everything that went into running a business, you may have thought twice about starting one. But, you’re here now and making sure your legal documents are in order is paramount for any level of success. Brooke Law Group provides sound advice and a peace of mind knowing your business’s representation and paperwork are rock solid when you need them to be. Unfortunately, in business we can sometimes find ourselves on one side or the other of a lawsuit. Our firm provides litigation services to businesses spanning lawsuit pursuit or defense, to mediation services. See our business page for more details.

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Civil Litigation

Civil litigation pertains to matters filed with the court outside of the criminal legal system, where the object is to seek monetary damages or other relief within the civil court system. Examples of cases that would be considered civil litigation are breach of contract disputes, product liability matters, employment lawsuits, business fraud or unfair business practices. Our firm handles a variety of civil litigation matters, including filing and defending against lawsuits. We do not practice appellate law or criminal law. See our civil litigation page for more details.

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